Video Production

Creating a video for your business, whether produced for a television commercial, website or social media content is a cost-efficient way to increase your company’s exposure, response rate, gather additional clients and increase sales.

Broadcast Commercial

Television commercials are a very effective way to reach a large and targeted audience to promote your company and services. Because the airtime is usually limited to a 30 second commercial, your message should be quick, memorable and produced in an efficient manner. We will work with you to make an attention-grabbing commercial that will show why your service or product is unique, why it’s the best, and why it’s needed. We will also provide you with an advertising specialist who will insure your commercial is reaching its intended audience through a geographically and demographically targeted campaign.

Website Content
The Internet is more important now than ever and with the growing demand to “go viral”, we understand website videos need to be able to stream online not only on a laptop but even on mobile devices. Your videos need to be accessible everywhere and all the time and people want to participate with your company. We make sure you receive excellent video quality and an ability to seamlessly integrate video content onto any format and platform. With the addition of videos to most search engine result lists, websites with a video are at the top of the page when a search is conducted. This attracts new consumers while also creating a sensational experience for the user and encouraging them to spend more time on the website. Having a video on your website is like having a 24-hour salesperson to explain and draw focus to the highlights of your business. It is for these reasons that business video production has become a popular avenue when it comes to Internet based advertising.

  • Product Demos – Videos that explain your product or services and capture your prospects attention. This types of video is fast, simple and explains to people what to expect when they become your customer.
  • Tutorials – Many companies and manufactures now rely on videos to replace instruction manuals.
  • Video Documentaries – This is a form of storytelling that adds a personal touch to explain the company or brand creating a personal connection that can’t be achieved by printed materials.
  • Interviews – The is a great way to engage customers to understand your story and see behind the scenes footage of your company and the employees who make it successful. This can include more insight into your company’s culture and vision for future products and services.

Social Media Content

Social video marketing is becoming extremely important for companies and professionals to make personal connections and reach an enormous audience by posting content on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other social media sites. There is an incredible opportunity to post client testimonials or short impactful user experiences to build emotion surrounding your product or services to convey a personal story and engage your customers. The more of these outlets you have to publish content or to promote yourself, promote your business and your clients’, the more visibility and exposure you will get. We know how your content is going to be used, forwarded, shared, retweeted, rated, and reviewed, so we embed it into our production process.